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The Abbott Nutrition Ambassador Program supports Healthcare Professionals by providing important nutritional information and patient support for the Ensure® and Glucerna® brands. As part of the Ambassador Program you’ll be eligible to receive patient resources, including product samples and coupons, shipped directly to your office.

If you’re a credentialed Healthcare Professional, complete the form below with the details of your primary practice location. If you have previously signed up for the Abbott Nutrition Ambassador Program and would like to make updates to your account, please call Consumer Relations at 1-877-457-1869.

Our goal at Abbott Nutrition is to help Healthcare Professionals like you put their patients on the path to better nutrition.

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The Abbott Nutrition Ambassador Program is intended only for introducing products to patients and may not be sold, transferred, or otherwise offered to third parties. The Program is offered on an “as available” basis and does not guarantee you will receive the product sample quantity you request. Abbott Nutrition may discontinue or modify the sampling program at any time in our sole discretion.

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